We have different types of elbow handbags and we ought to be very keen when we are buying them.
Some bags have round handles whereas others have flat handles which would irritate the muscles where the handle is resting on.

The elbow crook hook is a type of posture that creates maximum focus on the handbag.  This occurs when the elbow is bent, the bag is displayed on the forearm and the perfectly toned biceps work overtime to make a fashion statement.
This kind of posture causes rounded shoulders and strain on the front muscles of the arm. And also the elbow joint.

Using of the elbow handbag can cause inflammation of the muscles of the upper arm unlike carrying a baby which you hold close so the load is spread. The whole weight of the bag is on the muscles of the upper arm.

The elbow has not been made to sustain a heavy load for a prolonged period. Therefore it can cause joint conditions such as arthritis because of wear  and tear. It can also predispose the muscles to strain which is the overstretching of a ligament. This takes a long time to heal.

It is advisable to keep the load light in the handbags.

A bag should not weigh more than 2% of your body weight.
It is therefore advisable that people should use bag packs instead of elbow handbags when the load is heavy.

Written By:
Grace Wairimu,
Physical Therapist,
Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Health Centre

Did You Know That Your Elbow Handbag Can Cause Muscle Problem?

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