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COVID 19 is one of the pandemic the world has seen in the 2000’s; it’s the most widespread and affecting everyone in some way. Working from home is one of the ways to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of the disease. This means that we are spending more time in our homes than ever.

In order to keep busy we end up finding activities to occupy the time. A lot of injuries tend to happen during mundane tasks in the house. Sometimes due to the fact you haven’t done then in some time and the body is basically in shock.

Complaints of pain during such times are a common result of the change in the routine the body is used to. This can also be caused by the posture that one takes with the change in one’s environment. Most of the activities that could lead to injuries include; heavy lifting of some sort, working around the compound among other things.  
Some of the injuries we see are;

Injuries Caused By Home Activities

Back sprains- this is acute pain and tenderness on a specific part of the back. It is caused by abrupt stretching of the muscles of your back, this can happen when lifting something heavy from the ground, or after prolonged chores and tasks involving moving and bending.

Back pain- This is generalized pain on the back and may not have a specific incident or cause. It is mostly due to poor posture in sleeping and sitting, previous injuries, over working, muscle imbalances.

Stiff neck- can be caused during turning in bed, after a long time working, it is characterized by loss of flexibility and pain during movement.

Joint pain- It can be in the shoulders, Knees, ankles, elbows. There are various causes of this some include; muscle imbalances, poor form in exercises, overuse injuries, poor mechanics.

Home exercises can also result in injuries if not done correctly, poor form and lack of a proper warm up and cool down routine.

Effects Of Change In Activities

The change in activities and routine can take its toll on our bodies and as a result so many injuries occur during such times. Studies have also shown that there is an increased level of stress during such times, mostly affecting women. This is due to the amount of responsibilities and preparations they take up in order to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Therefore there is no question that one needs to take care, here are some tips to protect you and hopefully grant you a pain free quarantine holiday. Some of the ways to take care of yourself include;

  1. Ensure you use the proper mechanics when lifting and carrying heavy object; Ensure the object you are picking is in front of you, bend with your knees and hips, keep your back straight and your arms against your sides next to your ribs.
  2. Get help if something is too heavy.
  3. Do not forsake your exercise and stretch program. Great emphasis is placed on a thorough stretching to prevent injuries and stiffness.

For some people who already have back pain the likelihood of reoccurrence during such a time is high therefore be keen and take care. Remember prevention is better than a cure, and in these times of Corona Virus this statement has never been truer.

Joy Waihenya
Physical Therapist

The woes of working from home

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