There are a number of health issues that affect only women. Addressing them is important in order to maintain your overall sense of health and physical wellbeing. Sorting these issues out will also help you boost your emotional wellbeing and self-confidence. Whether you are pregnant, you have just given birth or you are troubled by chronic issues, women’s health physiotherapy offers effective treatment.


During pregnancy, the female body goes through a lot of changes. However it is eventually put under a lot of strain during childbirth. Most women, even the ones that have perfectly normal pregnancies, will experience some level of discomfort during pregnancy. During your pregnancy, it is advisable to do some physiotherapy exercises.

Reason For Visiting a Physiotherapist During Pregnancy

Early on in the pregnancy your body starts producing the hormones, which causes softening and loosening of the joints and ligaments, allowing the pelvic joints to expand in preparation for childbirth. This, combined with the added weight of the baby and postural changes, cause musculoskeletal issues. One of the most common reason a pregnant woman will visit a physiotherapist is because of pain in the lower back. There are so many causes of lower back pain during pregnancy which can all be resolved. Another complaint involves nerve irritation which presents as numbness and pain in the hand that occurs mostly at night. This can be assisted by icing the wrist and hand exercises. This will reduce the stress of the mother and encourage a smooth birth.  Resting the hand is also very vital. Physiotherapy modalities of treatment are also of great relief.  

Other important issues addressed by a physiotherapist include posture in activities such as sleeping, resting, standing, lifting and sitting. Lying can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy and therefore comfortable and resting positions are essential. Additional support may be necessary in form of a good maternity belt, pillows or extra mattress support in order to gain comfort. As the body undergoes various changes, it is important for the mother to be comfortable in order to have quality life during the three trimesters. Physiotherapy visits will help ease antenatal discomfort and allow you to continue with your daily activities as usual making your pregnancy an enjoyable experience.  To book an appointment visit our site


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Written By:
Grace Wairimu,
Physical Therapist
Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Health Centre

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