Motto ‘ A Healthy Back For Life’

Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Health Center is a well established clinic with a team of several holistic health practitioners that blend their professions to provide a unique blend of treatments that help sick people get well without use of drugs or surgery.

In the past, back disorders were mostly among the old and injured. Today at Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Health Centre we are seeing a change in our clientele – “10 years ago, patients were mostly people over 55 years. Now, our main patients are aged between 24-45 years, with new cases of children as young as 8 years”

In light of this,

Our vision

To see people of all ages utilize their bodies’ full potential to live healthy, productive drug-free lives and become the leading holistic therapy provider in Eastern Africa.


Promoting the well-being of people of all ages and backgrounds by providing accessible, quality chiropractic, physiotherapy and holistic therapies. We strive to enhance the vitality and performance of our patients by focusing on the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. This is done through:

  • Educating- Our wellness programs are geared towards creating awareness and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in the communities we serve.
  • Training- We constantly strive to have specialists who are knowledgeable and have vast expertise so that patients can get comprehensive and holistic care.
  • Research, Development & Technology- We strive to offer our services efficiently and effectively through researching and embracing new technology. We also strive to keep redefining how we disseminate information to our patients and clients.


Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is a value-led business where the key philosophies are:


Committed … Our friendly and professional team of therapists and administrative personnel are all concerned about your health, recovery and comfort

Attitude ……We believe in providing the most conducive atmosphere for optimal healing and health which is an important aspect of our treatment methods and success

Responsibility …We take great pride in helping our patients and being an integral part of their health and recovery

Effective…… We use evidence-based treatments along with proven clinical guidelines to achieve the most positive and beneficial outcomes



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