Scanning the spine using infrared technology creates a thermographic image, which identifies areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation. 

The INSiGHT machine accurately measures spinal muscle tone showing how exhausting postural shifts and subluxations (spine misalignments) can be. Patients can easily understand how back problems are related to their fatigue and overall declining state of health.

Thermographic scanning detects patterns of unbalanced temperature regulation. In less than 30 seconds, a full spine scan provides invaluable information on how spinal stress can trigger deeper health issues.

Spine Screening includes:

•Machine spine scan and individual printouts of graphical representation of nerve tension

•One on one consultation

•Resistance band exercises

•Summary report of the findings for the group scanned and recommendations

This has seen an overall spine health improvement of up to 20% in companies that we have had follow ups after a year.






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