Ergonomic Health Talks 
A healthy back for life

In Kenya, our own research shows tension experienced by the working class (IT specialists, drivers, accountants, technicians, sales and marketing executives etc):

‘for every 10 people there are 9 people suffering from nerve tension along the neck, upper back  and or lower back ranging from mild to very severe.’

Only 5 % of these back pains is caused by disease, congenital conditions or accidents. 95% is mechanical; caused by our lifestyle.

Our FREE health talks strive to create awareness as stated below:

  • 3 minute daily stretches that can keep spine healthy
  • Habits and conditions that cause strain on our spine
  • Ergonomic counselling: how to sit,stand,sleep and lift
  • What to do in the case of back pain or musculoskeletal stress  
  • What is Chiropractic Medicine and Physiotherapy